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So you’re interested in CBD. Do you want to manufacture an existing product? Develop a new product? White label one of our proprietary blends for your brand? Good news: we can help with all of those. Explore the key ingredients of our processing and production processes below. 

Not interested in CBD?

There are other extracts out there – and we can help you capture them and deliver an incredible product. We have the technology to operate within any sector of molecular science involving the plant world. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your next great product idea! 

Key ingredients to any 
GaX-processed product

The highest quality plants

We only work with organically grown hemp and farmers who support our mission for agricultural integrity, providing hemp grown to our exacting standards. 

Pharmaceutical-grade equipment

Our processing equipment is highly specialized and adapted from other pharmaceutical-grade processes to create pure Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). 

Explore our CBD extraction process 

Our pharmaceutical-grade facility takes the hemp plant through an extraction process that removes the CBD molecules and creates available essential ingredients for many of today’s cutting-edge products. 

Extraction and winterization 

We begin by extracting the essential oils of the hemp plant into a high CBD crude oil using ethanol, butane, or CO2 process. 

Filtration and separation 

We refine the crude oil by removing any residue of the gums, fats, waxes and lipids. 

Distillation and isolation 

Further processing refines the oil into a golden yellow distillate. Additional refinement yields a white, highly pure CBD crystalline.

Superior products start here 

The distillate and isolate products we create are in high demand for various research uses. They can also be combined into approved products, from topicals to tinctures to edibles and more, for both human and animal consumption. 

Let’s partner

We want to hear your ideas – and apply our quality manufacturing processes to make them a reality. Contact us to start today!