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Major growth potential 

Are you interested in hemp farming? Our staff and agronomists understand what it takes to bring a successful crop to harvest at a CBD to THC ratio that meets legal guidelines. And now, we’re passing that knowledge on to you. 

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*Due to the compliance concern with meeting the .3% THC level, we require growers to commit to three months of service and testing. 

Through our agricultural consulting services, we can help you:

  • Understand the rules 
  • Discuss varieties on the market (including our own) 
  • Select the option that best suits your needs 
  • Plan your grow

Things can get complicated quickly, so we’re with you throughout the crop production cycle to ensure a successful grow.

No matter where you are in the process, we’re always available to lend you our expertise.

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Get your genetics from GaX 

In 2019, the University of Georgia conducted one of the only trials on hemp plants in the state of Georgia, testing different commercially-available varieties across three different locations.  We then funded additional research to explore the scalability of the most promising selections. Now, we’re offering two selections that performed well in the trials for your purchase: GAX-01 and GAX-07. 

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