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Welcome to GaXtracts, LLC, a bioscience enterprise that brings together agricultural, pharmaceutical and biochemical products and services under one roof. 

Let’s tour the intellectual property 

Our core deliverables span three key areas: 


The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and sales of CBD and hemp in the United States – creating a billion dollar market expected to grow exponentially. Through our partnership with the University of Georgia, we’ve played an active role in developing varieties that mitigate risk for growers. Our agricultural endeavors include the following: 

  • Plant science and genetics research  
  • Plant and clone production 
  • Farm consultation in emerging industrial hemp markets 


Thanks to our control of the agricultural supply chain and phyto-molecular extraction capabilities, we produce medical grade components for the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the areas of industrial hemp and CBD. Our products range from raw material isolate to end use, consumer-ready goods.

Note: Given the current market demand, combined with our expertise in the area, hemp products comprise a large portion of our extraction efforts. Nevertheless, we have the technology to operate within any sector of molecular science involving the plant world.


In March 2020, we pivoted our processing and manufacturing capabilities to deliver hand sanitizer. Within months, we began servicing some of the best-known hospitals and industrial facilities in the southeast, along with five major universities, several large restaurant chains and a number of Fortune 500 companies. While our current focus is on personal use, medical-grade sanitizers, the expansion opportunities for biochemical are endless.  

Meet our house of brands 

The following companies are wholly owned by GaX, and are considered part of our vertical integration: 

  • Botanif, LLC, our hand sanitizer division   
  • Certified AnalytiX, LLC, our testing facility    
  • HempAgX, LLC, our agricultural division  

Note: these organizations are 100% owned by GaX and every investor has equal pass through rights. In no way are any of these structures ever used to dilute investor funds or shares.  

We have also entered into a 50/50 even share partnership with Dragonfly Biosciences Inc., of the UK. Together, we have formed a US-based company: Dragonfly North America, LLC. 

Catch up with GaX 

You can find us advocating for legislative policy, in the lab, or out in the field forging new research partnerships – in our home state of Georgia and beyond. Visit our knowledge center to catch up on our latest activities and achievements. 

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